Unit 3 How much is it?

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1. I have no idea. /   I dont know.     我不知道。

2. go shopping / fishing / skating/ swimming / hiking / skiing / boating / flying kites  / climbing mountains /…

     去购物、钓鱼、滑冰、远足、滑雪、划船、 放风筝

3. many 与much 的用法。

   1). many 修饰复数可数名词,表许多,much 修饰不可数名词,表数量或程度。

      He has many friends.

      There hasnt been much good weather recently.

      There is much water in the bottle.

    2 ).  how many 对可数名词数量提问  “多少 …”

        how much  对不可数名词数量提问    “ 多少…”

                     对价格,价钱提问        “ 多少钱”

       How many people are there in your family?

       How much milk do you want?

       How much is this watch?

       How much are these apples?

    注:  对价钱提问的另一方式

              Whats the price of…?

             Whats the price of the sweater?

   3).   many a

     many a 与many 同义,但语气比较强,并且要与单数名词以及单数形式动词连用。

       Many a student likes computer games.

       Many a prisoner has been set free.

               = (  Many prisoners have been set free.)

    4). many, much 之后不接名词时,作为代名词使用,另外much 也可用作副词。

       Many of them were very tired.(代名词)

       I dont eat much for lunch.    (代名词 )

        He is much taller than I.      ( 副词)

 4. some ,any 的用法

      1)some 意为“一些”,可作形容词和代词,既可修饰可数名词,也可修饰不可数名词,常用在肯定句中。如 some books, some boys ,some water ,some tea, some milk, some money, some time…

      2)  any 意为 “任何一些”既可以修饰可数名词,也可以修饰不可数名词,常用在疑问句和否定句中。

         I cant see any tea.

         Do you have any friends at school?

      3) .在表示建议,反问,请求的疑问句中或期望得到肯定回答时,多用some 而不用any

          Would you like some coffee?

          What about some fruit juice?

     4) .当 any 表示“ 任何 ”的意义,起强调作用时,可以用在肯定句中。

          Any student can answer this question.

          You can withdraw your money on the ATM at any time.

  5. much too,  too much 的用法。

       too much

      1) 相当于形容词,放在不可数名词前面作定语或者在系动词后面作表语。

         Americans eat too much meat in my opinion.

         I drank too much cola last night.

         The work is too much for her.

       2) 相当于名词,在句中作主语或宾语。

           Too much was happening all at once.

              You have given me too much.

         3). 相当于副词,在句中做状语,修饰动词。

               You work too much.

                She talks too much.

      much too只用作副词作状语,不单独使用,在句中要修饰形容词或副词,但不能修饰动词。

       You are much too kind to me .

        Its much too cold.

       You are driving much too fast.

        The coat is much too expensive.

  6. need  兼类词

   1)    实意动词

       句式   ① sb need / n /pron / to do sth

              ②  sth  need  doing /to be done

                 I need a computer.

                 I dont need any help.

                  Will we need to show our passports?

                  You need to take care of your mother.

                  The door needs painting / to be painted.

                   Your car needs mending / to be mended.

                   The flowers need watering / to be watered.

           2)  情态动词

                ① 具备情态动词的一般特点

                ② 个性特点: 只能用于否定句和疑问句或由if或whether引导的宾语从句,不能用于肯定句。

                 Need I type this letter again?

                 There is enough time. You neednt hurry.

                 ---- Must I hand in my homework now ?

                 ---- No, you neednt.

             3)  名词          译为“ 需要 ”

                   In  ( great ) need of         (急)需要

                   meet the  needs of             满足… 的需要

                   There is no need for you to try again.

                   The factory is in great need of funds.       


一, 单项选择

1. You ____ any help, do you?

 A .dont need       B. neednt     C .need      D .doesnt need

  2. --- Must I stay at the office this afternoon?

 ---- No, you _____________.

  A. dont         B. neednt       C. dont need      D. cant

  3. Look! Your shirt is so dirty. It _____________.

  A .need washing              B .need to wash

  C. needs washing             D. need wash

 4. The hospital is ___________ blood.

A . in great need of             B .on great need of

.  C. in great need with           D. on great need with

 5. Your room is full of dust. It  __________.

   A. need clean                B. need  clealing

C .need to be cleaned        D .needs to be cleaned

 6. He would like _______ with me this afternoon.

A. go shopping             B .going shopping

  C .to go shopping          D. to go shop

 7. There are ____ apples in the fruit shop, but there arent ______ bananas in it.

A. some, some    .B. some, any     C. any, some     D. any, any

 8. How much ______ these cell phones?

  A. are          B. be            C. is              D .am

 9. _____ is the price of the sauce?

 A. How many    B. How much     C .What       D. How much many

 10. The original price of this cell phone is ____, but now its on sale.

 A .expensive      B .cheap        C. high       D. low


Radio, telephone and television are widely used in the world. When you  1  the radio, you can listen. But when you use the telephone, not only you can listen to others __2  you can talk with them; however, you  3  see anything at all. Television is much better than   4  of them.  People can watch TV and listen to it.  But they cant take part in  5  they see.
       Today some people are using a kind of telephone called the picture phone or vision phone.   6  it two people who are talking can see each other.
Picture phone can be very   7  when you have something to show the person you are calling. They may have other uses in the future. Some day you may be able to   8  a library and ask to read a book right over your picture phone. You may also be able to go shopping through it, too. When you  9  something in the newspaper that you think you want to buy, you may go to your picture phone and call the shop. The shop assistant will show you the thing that youre  10  in right over the phone. Youll be able to shop all over the town and never leave your home.
(   )1.  A. turn to      B. turn over       C. turn off         D. turn on
(   )2.  A. and         B. not            C. so             D. but also
(   )3.  A. can         B. cant          C. need           D. neednt
(   )4.  A. all          B. none          C. both            D. every
(   )5.  A. what        B. how          C. why            D. where
(   )6  .A. With        B. In            C. By              D. Without
(   )7.  A. use         B. uses          C. used          D. useful
(   )8.  A. go to       B. sit in          C. ring up        D. make phone calls
(   )9.  A. will see     B. see           C.  wont see      D. doesnt see
(   )10. A. interest    B. interested     C. interesting      D. interests



Several years ago, a television reporter was talking to three of the most important people in America. One was a very rich banker, another owned one of the largest companies in the world, and the third owned many buildings in the center of New York.
        The reporter was talking to them about being important.
    “How do we know if someone is really important?” the reporter asked the banker.
        The banker thought for a few moments and then said, “I think anybody who is invited to the Whiter House to meet the President of the United States is really important.”
       The reporter then turned to the owner of the very large company. “Do you agree with that?” she asked.
      The man shook his head, “No. I think the President invites a lot of people to the White House. Youd only be important if while you were visiting the President, there was a telephone call from the president of another country, and the President of the US said he was too busy to answer it.”
       The reporter turned to the third man. “Do you think so?”
    “No, I dont,” he said. “I don’t think that makes the visitor important. That makes the President important.”
      “Then what would make the visitor important?” the reporter and the other two men asked.
      “Oh, I think if the visitor to the White House was talking to the President and the phone rang, and the President picked up the receiver, listened and then said, ‘It’s for you.’’

   1. This story happened in _______.
        A. England                       B. America
        C. Japan                          D. Australia
    2. There are _______ in this passage.
       A. two men and two women
       B. three men and one woman
       C. three women and one man
       D. four women
    3. The banker thought _______.
       A. he was really important because he was a rich banker
       B. the visitor to the White House was really important
       C. the visitor who met the President of the United States
       D. the reporter was really important
    4. The owner of the very large company thought _______.
      A. she was really important because she owned one of the largest companies
      B. the banker was really important
     C. the owner of many buildings in the center of New York was really important
     D. the visitor would be really important if while he was visiting the President, the President would not answer any telephone call
 5. The owner of many buildings thought _______.
     A. he was really important because he owned many buildings in the center of New York
    B. the owner of the very large company was really important
    C. the visitor was really important if he talking to the President and the President received a telephone call for the visitor
    D. the person who worked in the White House was really important
  (2) 根据下面短文的内容判断句子正误,正确的为 T ,错误的为 F ,未提到的用N

A long time ago, there was an emperor. He had a beautiful garden. In the garden, there was a little nightingale ( 夜莺) singing very beautifully.
      One day, the emperor heard about this little bird's beautiful voice. He asked his guards to bring her to him. As soon as the emperor heard the nightingale's voice, he said, "Put her in a golden cage, so she can stay and sing for me whenever I want to hear her."
      The little bird was so unhappy about being kept in the cage that she stopped singing one day. The emperor was very angry. He ordered the scientists in his palace to make a robot bird for him. The bird could sing very beautifully,too. The emperor was pleased.
     Soon the robot bird became old. It no longer sang beautiful songs. Just at that time,the emperor became very weak. One morning, while lying in bed, the emperor wanted it to sing once again. But the robot bird couldn't sing any more. Suddenly, the nightingale landed on the window. She began to sing her most beautiful song. The emperor was very happy! He became better and better each day.
      After the emperor was well, he changed a lot and became kind to his people. From then on, all his people cherished(爱戴)him for his love and kindness.
1. Both the nightingale and the robot bird had a beautiful voice.
2. The emperor kept the nightingale in a golden cage in order to hear her sing at       any time.
3. The nightingale was very happy after she was kept in the golden cage.
4. The emperor was not satisfied with the robot bird at first.
5. The emperor learnt from the nightingale what love and kindness was.

  More than 200 children from all over the world came together in  Vancouver to get global support for children living in poor areas through a painting competition.

  The yearly Youth World Cup Live Painting, now in its second year, also serves as a charity event. It started a fund-raising event called  One Dollar for One vulnerable child ’’.

   Money from this event will go to a project called  School  in  a - Box . The project can help at least 40 children keep on learning at school.

    Meng Weizhang is the head of the events organizing committee. He said the money helped more than 1,500 children go go back to school last year.

   Those children living in poor area should have chance to paint and study. School- in  a  Box gives them hope , and we are hoping to get enough money to help more children, Meng said.

    Since February , the organizing committee has received paintings from more than 2,000 children in over 30 countries ,and several

hundreds of them have won qualifications to compete in the final round.

       Lennart  osterlind , one of the judges, said the childrens works had impressed him a lot .

        It is great to see the kids. They are just four or five years old, but their works are really wonderful. They have creativity,  Osterlind said.

    1. What do the children do with the money from the painting competition?


    2. When did they start the yearly Youth World Cup Live Painting?


    3. Whats the name of the project that the money goes to?


    4. How many children did they help last year?


     5. How old are the children who took part in the painting competition?


. 书面表达

      1) 英汉互译

 1. 欢迎来第一职专。

        _______  ______  No.1  Vocational  School.

 2. 树上有一些桔子。

        There ________ _______ oranges ______ the tree.

 3. There is not any milk in the glass.


 4. Would you like to go boating  with me ?


 5. How much are these cakes?


  2). 应用文写作


  李晓年,订购羊毛长裤,小号40打。中号60打,大号100打,要求: 订购价每打1500元,第一层用塑料袋包装,第二层用纸盒包装,9月3号前到货,信用卡付款,电话 0731-88664422,地址:湖南长沙沿江路19号。




Order List





40 dozen




100 dozen




1st  ________6____________

2nd paper box









Telephone Number



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