Unit 1 Nice to meet you

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1. first name /given name   名

  Last name / family name   姓

2. be from  /  come from      来自

   Where are you from?      I am from Changsha.    He is from Changde.

   Where do you come from?  I come from Changsha.    He comes from Changde.

3  be patient with            对…有耐心

   As a father, you should be patient with your son.

4. Nice/Glad /Pleased to meet you .

   Nice talking with /meeting / seeing you. (分别时用语)

   How do you do?     ---- How do you do? ( 用于陌生人之间的第一次问候)

5.  too , also , either用法的区别

    too, also 一般用于肯定句,too用在句末,用逗号隔开,also 用在句中。

    either 一般用在否定句句末,用逗号隔开。

   eg; He is a doctor. His brother is a doctor, too.

     I am a teacher.  He is also a teacher.

     She cant swim. I cant swim, either.

6. every day   每天       everyday 日常的

    He goes to school by bike every day.

    We should learn everyday English well.

7.  take care of  / look  after         照看, 照顾

    Our parents look after us carefully every day.

    Your child will be taken good care of while you are away.

8.  There be 结构

   1) There  be + n + 地点(时间)状语     (表示某地点或时间存在)“有…”


           当后面第一个名词为可数名词复数时,用 are

      eg:  There is a cup, two books and a computer on the desk.

           There are two books , a cup and a computer on the desk.

     2)  There be 结构的常用三种时态

         一般现在时  There is /are + n +…

         一般过去式  There  Was / were + n + …

         一般将来时 : There  will be + n + …

                         There is / are going to be + n +…

       eg :  There is a picture on the wall.

             There was a hill behind the teaching building five years ago.

             There will be /is going to be a football match tonight.

         3). There be 结构的否定式

             There  be  + not + n + …

             There isnt any time left.

             There arent students in the classroom.

             There isnt any milk in the glass.

          4)  There be 结构的一般疑问式和特殊疑问式

               Be + there + n + … ?

               特殊疑问词 + n + be there + … ?

               Is there a Chinese school in America?

               Are there any students in the school now?

               How many students are there in your school?



1. -- Where ____ you come from ?

    --- I _______ from   America .

   A. are, am       B. do, am      C . are , come     D. do , is

2. Jane and Tom _________ my friends .

    A. is         B .am        C .are          D was

3. _____ there a Chinese school in New York ?

    A. Is         B . Are        C .Does         D. Do

4. ______ they excited when they heard the news?  

    A. Was        B . Are       C .Were         D. Is

5. If he _________ free tomorrow , he will go with us.

    A. is          B .am        C. are         D. will be

6. It ______ by people for ______ water from a river or a lake.

      A .uses  , getting           B .is using , to get

      C .is used , to get          D. is used , getting

 7. __________ students are working on the farm.

      A .A few hundreds            B. A little hundreds

      C .A few hundred              D .A little hundred

 8. I want ____________ milk.

     A. to half a kilo                 B .half a kilo of

     C .a  half kilo                  D .half kilo of

 9. Im sure the book is very _______ and children are _________ it.

     A .interested, interesting         B. interesting, interested in

     C. interested in, interesting       D. interesting, interested

 10. _________ rice and water at   home .

      A .There are     B .There  is     C. I have     D. He  has


   Cars are very popular in America. When the kids are fourteen years old. They dream of having their own ____1___. Many students work after school to ___2___ a car. In most places ____3___ people learn to drive in high school. They have to take a ___4____ test to get a licence. Learning to drive and getting a driver’s ___5___ may be one of the most exciting things in their lives. For many, that piece of paper is an important symbol(象征)that they are now grown-ups.

  Americans seem to love their cars almost more than anything else. People almost never go to see a doctor when they are ____6_____. But they will take ____7____ cars to a “hospital” at the smallest sign of a problem. At weekends, people ___8___ most of the time in washing and waxing(打蜡) their cars. For some families it is not enough to have ___9___ car. They often have two or even three. Husbands need a car to go to work. Housewives need a car to go shopping or to take the children to school or ___10____ activities.

  1. A. cars     B. computers       C. bikes        D. houses

  2. A. borrow   B. buy             C. lend           D. sell

  3. A. old       B. tall            C. strong          D. young

  4. A. language   B. listening       C. driving        D. body

  5. A. address   B. book            C. driving        D. license

  6. A. sick      B. healthy         C. pleased        D. angry

  7. A. his       B. her             C. your           D. their

  8. A. cost      B. take            C. spend          D. pay

  9.  A. no       B. one             C. some           D. several

10. A. other    B. another         C. others          D. else


(1) 根据短文内容选择最佳选项。

There are many wetlands(湿地) in China and some of them have become the world‘s important wetlands. The Chinese Yellow Sea Wetlands are among them. They are in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. They are home for many different kinds of birds and animals. The world’s largest Milu Deer Nature Reserve(自然保护区) is in them. More than 700 milu deer live freely there. There are not many red-crowned cranes in the world, but every winter you can see some in the Red-crowned Cranes Nature Reserve in the Yellow Sea Wetlands.
     The temperature in the wetlands is usually neither too high nor too low. There is a lot of rain and sunshine, too. They are really good places for wildlife(野生生物)。 Offering food and home for some special kinds of animals and birds is not the only reason why we need to protect wetlands. Wetlands are important because they also prevent flood. But some people want to change the wetlands to make more space for farms and buildings. This means there will be less and less space for wildlife.
     Luckily, more and more people are beginning to realize the important of wetlands and wildlife. Every year, on February 2nd, many activities are held to tell people more about wetlands.
    1. The Chinese Yellow Sea Wetlands are in the _______ of China.
         A. east            B. south        C. west               D. north
    2. Usually the weather in the wetlands is _______.
         A. hot             B. pleasant      C. cold               D. dry
    3. The World Wetlands Day is on _______.
        A. April 22       B. June 25       C. February 2      D. March 22
    4. We must protect wetlands because _______.
        A. they are home for wildlife
        B. they can prevent flood
        C. they can offer food to the animals and birds
        D. all of the above
    5. The best title for the passage is _______.
        A. China‘s Wetlands Have All Entered the World’s List
        B. Wetlands—Home for Wildlife and Human Beings
        C. Special Animals in the Chinese Yellow Sea Wetlands
        D. Wetlands—Valuable Recourses(珍贵资源) of Land on the Earth
(2) 根据下面短文的内容判断句子正误,正确的为 T ,错误的为 F ,未提到的用 N

Every day for the last two weeks in Chengdu, the dog named Huanghuang took the same action over and over again. Scratching and sniffing from seat to seat , the lonely dog searched buses one by one to find his missing owner . But his owner never came.

The dog could not accept the truth that he had been abandoned. So he returned to the same bus stop every day for the past 15 days. Every day he waited patiently in line waiting for the bus and then sniffed the seats.

Drivers said Huanghuang spent ten hours every day searching buses that passed. But finally, as night fell, he gave up and disappeared in the darkness. However, he returned the next day to start again.

Every day the dog gets on my bus to look for his owner, a driver said. At first I thought he was looking for food, but later I realized that he was looking for his owner.

Another driver said he saw Huanghuang standing with a man in the car park about a month ago. But he didnt see the man later. The driver wanted to take Huanghuang home with him but he worried that the dogs owner might be looking for the dog. He said, I can only hope that the dog will quickly get together with his owner and wont have to wait at the bus stop every day.


1. The dog has been looking for his missing owner for about half a month.

2. It took the dog ten hours to look for the bus every day.

3. The dog came to the bus station to look for his owner.

4. Finally, the dogs owner took him home happily.

5. The driver hoped the dogs owner came to take the dog home.


Your Junior 3 year will finish soon. Do you want to say something about your junior school life? What were the rewards of the three years?  Here are some stories to share.

Lin Yijian,14 Xiamen, Fujian

    I got through a hard time in Junior 2 when my grades suddenly dropped a lot .I faced great pressure. In the following summer vacation, I worked really hard by studying from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. every day. It was crazy, but when I caught up with classmates, I felt everything had been worthwhile.

Zhang Wanying,15,Dalian,Liaoning

     In 2009 I had a trip to the US with some students and teachers and I didnt want to eat the local food. The teachers were worried and tried to make us eat. When we finally finished the meal, the guide scolded us, saying that the world now sees how spoiled (被宠坏的)Chinese kids are. I felt really sorry.

Luo Shuer,14,Hangzhou,Zhejiang

      I live in a dorm during junior school. It was a great challenge since I had never left my parents before that. I had to take care of everything myself. I learned to tidy my bed and get along with my roommates. I also learned to make a schedule to arrange my time. Ive done a good job and I feel proud.

Yin Donghui,13,Beijing

      I won first place in the rope skipping competition at our schools sports meeting in my first year in junior school. The sports meeting is a big thing at our school. To prepare for it I practiced hard and skipped rope 500 times every day. Finally I skipped over 210 times in one minute. You dont know how excited I was then.

1. Why did Lin  Yijian  have a hard time in Junior 2?

2. What did Zhang Wanyings guide think of Chinese kids?

3. How does Luo Shuer feel when she thinks of her life in a dorm during junior school?

4. How many times did Yin Donghui skip at last?

5. Zhang Wanying who is fifteen years old doesnt come from Beijing, does he?


 1) 英汉互译

 1.On that day, many people would take the day off to go shopping.

 2. Read the application form of your friend and check if she is likely to get the job.

 3. Its cloudy today.

 4.  你姓小年吗?

 5. 地板上有一只笔和一些书。

2) 填写题。



   1, 会使用电脑,会用英语写作,会说一点日语

   2, 电话:  0574-2754100

   3,  邮箱:  LiM@yahoo.com

   4,  地址: 宁波 光明路 17 号。

Name :  1

Gender:   2

Abe:    3

Phone number:   4

Address:  5

E-mail:          6

Position applied:   7

Abilities:  8



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