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  Whats the weather like … ?

  How is the weather … ?

  ----- Its snowy / rainy / windy / sunny / foggy / cloudy / stormy …

  ---- Its cold / hot / cool / warm …

  The weather in Beijing is colder than that in Guangdong.

  2, ------ would you like some more coffee ?

    ------ Yes, please.

    ------ No, thanks.

   3. tea with /without milk.  加或不加牛奶的茶。

     beer with /without ice.   加或不加冰的啤酒

   4. help yourself            随便吃或随便用

     Help yourself to some fish.

     ---- Can I use your computer ?

     ----- Help yourself, please.

     5. What / How about + n + pron + v-ing?


       What /How about a cup of coffee ?

       Id like to play basketball, what/how about you?

       What about going fishing / playing football / skating / going out for a walk / …

      6. invite   v  

          invitation    n       invitation  letters

          invite sb to sw

          invite sb to do sth

      Id like to invite you to my birthday party.

      We want to invite you to attend the important meeting.

      We are invited to visit the factory.

7. 形容词性物主代词

① 形容词性物主代词只作定语,使用时要注意与其所指代词人称和数的一致。   

 They have done their best.

This is my teacher.

 ②  形容词性物主代词与形容词一起修饰名词时,形容词性物主代词放在形容词前面。

my new bike           her young son

 ③  形容词性物主代词所修饰的名词既可以是单数,也可以是复数。

   our parents,      his books

 ④   形容词性物主代词不能单独使用, 后面必须跟名词。

 This pen is my. X

This is my pen.

 ⑤  当名词前有形容词性物主代词修饰时,不能再用冠词 a ,an 或 the 来修饰。

 This is my a bike. X

 This is a /the my bike. X

This is my bike.

  ⑥  当名词前有形容词性物主代词修饰时,不能再用指示代词 this, that, these 或 those 来修饰。

 Their those computers are here. X

Their computers are here

 8. 名词性物主代词


Theirs is a small classroom.    ( 主语)

This book is mine.             ( 表语)

Best wishes for you and yours.   (宾语)


一, 单项选择

1. The weather in Kunming is cooler than _______ in Chongqing.

 A. that          B .it         C. its           D. this

2. Mr. Smith wants to drink coffee _______ sugar.

 A. and         B. with       C. together      D. as well as

3. What about  ________ a cup of tea ?

A .drink         B .to drink        C .drank      D .drinking

4. --- The weather is usually sunny at this time in Australia.

----   __________________.

A. So is it.                    B. Yes, thanks.

C .So it is.                    D. Oh? Sorry to hear that

5. ---- Please help yourself to some more fish.

 ---- ___________________________.

 A .Yes, please                B .It’s delicious, but Im full enough

 C. Of course I do.             D .Ok, Ill help myself.

6. This is my book. _____ are over there.

 A .Your          B. Yours        C. You         D .Mine

7. This room is ours, and that one is ______.

A. they          B .them        C .theirs         D. their

8. ---- Is this new watch ________?            

  ----    Yes, its _______.

 A .you,   me                     B .yours,   mine

C .yours,   my                   D. your,   mine

9. Mr. Li teaches ________ English this term.

A .our            B .ours           C. us         D .we

10.  Smoking is bad for your health. Youd better ____________.

A. give up it                     B. give up its

 C .give it up                     D .give its up


Martin is an American boy. He is eight years old. His parents   1  five years ago and he is now living with his grandmother in New York. 
      One morning,  Jimmy,  one of his classmates, came to his home with an exercises book in his hand. Jimmy lives in a house not far from Martins. They often go to school together. 
       Would you help me with this maths problem? Jimmy said as soon as he came into the room. Its too hard for me and I cant work it out.
     Let me try, Martin said. I   2  it isnt too hard for me. 
Martin tried his best but he couldn’t work it out,   3 
      If we had a small computer,  all the problems would be  4   for us to do. Jimmy said. 
A small computer. . . , Martin thought for a minute,  then he said, Ive got an idea. We can   5  one in a shop. 
A computer is very   6  ,  and we don t have enough money. 
Thats OK, said Martin. We can ask the new president (总统)   7  some money. He said he would help anyone in trouble. I m sure he will help us. He is very rich, you know.   
So they decided to write a letter to the new president. Soon the letter was finished and they hurried to the post office. 
In front of the post office stood a small box. They  8  the letter into the box carefully and went home happily. 
The next morning, they   9  the post office on their way to school. They found__10 _,  the box was not a post box but trash-box (果皮箱). 
(   )1.A. have died      B. had died        C. died        D. have been death
(   )2. A. sure          B. think            C. hope       D. wish 
(   )3. A. neither        B. either           C. too         D. also
(   )4. A. easy enough                B. enough easy   
     C. difficult enough           D. enough difficult
(   )5. A. borrow      B. lend        C. bring    D. buy
(   )6. A. expensive   B. cheap       C. important   D. useful
(   )7. A. to          B. for         C. about    D. on
(   )8. A. place       B. took        C. dropped   D. bring
(   )9. A. passed      B. past        C. pasted    D. passing
(   )10. A. with their surprise                  B. in their surprise 
      C. to their surprise                    D. of their surprise


In 1995,Oseola McCarty gave a present of $150 000 to the University of Southern Mississippi. She wanted to help poor students. It was a very generous thing to do. But her friends and neighbors were surprised. McCarty was a good woman. She went to church. She was always friendly and helpful. But everyone in her town knew that McCarty was not rich. In fact,she was poor.
       How did a poor 86-year-old woman have so much money? Oseola McCarty was born in 1908 in Hattiesburg,Mississippi. She had to leave school when she was eight years old to help her family. She took a job washing clothes. She earned only a few dollars a day. Oseola washed the clothes by hand. Then she hung the clothes to dry. She did this for nearly 80 years. In the 1960s,she bought an automatic washer and dryer. But she gave them away. She did not think they got the clothes clean enough!At that time,many people started to buy their own washers and dryers. McCarty did not have much work, so she started to iron clothes instead.
      McCarty never married or had children. Her life was very simple. She went to work and to church. She read her Bible (圣经)。She had a black-and-white television. But she did not watch it very much. It had only one channel.
       McCarty saved money all her life and eventually had about $250 000. When she was 86,a lawyer helped her make a will. She left money to the church,her relatives,and the university. McCarty just wanted to help others. She did not think she was a special person. But then people found out about her present to the university. She received many honors (荣誉)。She even flew in an airplane for the first time!Oseola McCarty died in 1999. She was a shy and ordinary woman who became famous.
  1. Oseola McCarty gave $150 000 to the University of Southern Mississippi _______.
     A. to help the poor students              B. to surprise her friends and neighbors
     C. to show her generosity                  D. to be a good and rich woman
   2. From the story we know _______.
    A. McCarty was born in a poor family near the University of Southern Mississippi
    B. everyone was surprised because they thought McCarty had no education
   C. washers and dryers brought a change in McCarty‘s life
     D. McCarty gave half of her money to the church and her relatives
  3. Which of the following is true?
     A. McCarty had to work to help her family after school every day.
     B. McCarty learned to read the Bible by herself in the school.
     C. McCarty made one third of her money by washing and ironing clothes.
     D. McCarty did not have her own family because she had no husband or children.
 4. From which of the following can we tell McCarty lived a simple life?
     A. She worked hard all her life.            B. She didn‘t think she was special.
     C. She didn‘t have many interests.         D. She had a TV set with many channels.
  5. Which of the following is true?
     A. McCarty died at the age of eighty-six.
     B. McCarty did the job of washing for more than eighty years.
     C. McCarty gave her presents to both universities and churches.
     D. McCarty was given many honors because of her good deeds.

(2) 根据下面短文的内容判断句子正误,正确的为 T ,错误的为 F ,未提到的用N

Deep down in the sea, Oliver ,a little octopus(章鱼) sat on the floor covered with sand, bored and upset. He watched pretty fish swimming in and out of rocks, which were laughing and dancing in the sea. “Why am I so different?” he said to himself sadly.
“You are an octopus, Oliver. That’s special.” The sweet voice of Cherub,  beautiful purple angelfish(神仙鱼), always made Oliver feel better. Oliver looked up at the purple angelfish and smiled. Cherub suggested, “Let’s play hide-and-seek(捉迷藏).” They were having so much fun that they didn’t realize they had swum far from home. Suddenly, Cherub saw a large shark(鲨鱼)swimming above them. “It was Big White… the biggest , scariest shark in the sea,” she shouted to Oliver. Cherub looked at Big White hopelessly. And idea came to Oliver. He quickly sprayed(喷射)a very dark cloud of black water to the shark’s eyes. Then Oliver and Cherub escaped and got home safely.
“Are you OK?” ask Oliver. Cherub laughed happily, “That was the most interesting trip ever! you save me just now, Oliver. I am lucky to have you as my friend!” Oliver’s face turned red. “I guess being different can be pretty cool in some situations,” Oliver said. “That is what I tried to tell you,” Cherub smiled.
(    ) 1. In the beginning , Oliver laughed when he say pretty fish swimming    around him.
(    ) 2. Oliver and Cherub were enjoying themselves when Cherub noticed Big White swimming above them.
(    ) 3. Cherub was brave and clam when she faced the unexpected danger.
(    ) 4. Oliver’s quick mind and action saved Oliver himself and Cherub.
(    ) 5. From this passage, we know we have our own advantages in all situations, though we are different.

  Everybody knows that smoking is harmful to our health. The US president, Barack Obama also knows the damage of smoking. He said he  hadt had  a smoke for almost six years. He gave up smoking successfully thanks to his family. He wanted to say thanks to his daughters and his wife, the first lady, Michelle  Obama . People knew the fact that Barack  Obama hasnt had a smoke by accident. Heres how they knew it.

   One day, Barack Obama went to the headquarters of the United Nations to attend a conference. After the conference, he chatted with a UN official. At that time, the official was smoking. They talked about the habit of smoking. Barack Obama advised the official to quit smoking. After the official asked Obama about his own cigarette use, Obama said hadt had had a cigarette for about six years. He added, with a broad grin, Thats because Im scared of my wife. The conversation was recorded  by a CNN microphone and aired on CNN.

   Barack Obama once spent several years struggling with tobacco use. His wife, Michelle Obama helped him to get rid of the bad habit successfully. His daughters persuaded their father to quit smoking, too.

Barack Obama said that he would have chewing gums if he wanted to smoke a cigarette.

 1. Whom did Barack Obama want to say thanks to?


   2. What did Barack Obama do after the conference?


   3. What did Barack Obama advise the official do?


    4. Barack Obama is scared of his wife , isnt he?


     5. What will Barack Obama do if he wants to smoke a cigarette?



1) 英汉互译

 1. Please help yourself to some fish.


 2. Whats the weather like in Shanghai today?



    Can you come to my birthday party _____ 6pm ________ ________?

  4.  我想要邀请一些其他的同班同学来参加聚会。

   I want to ________ some _______ classmates ______ the party.

  5.  Jim 想要一杯不加牛奶的茶。

     Jim ________  ________ a cup of tea _________ milk.

2). 应用文写作

  假如你是李明,你刚收到澳大利亚一所学校的录取通知书,打算九月份按时报到。请你写一份短信给该校招生负责人Mr. Robinson,询问下列事宜:



  教学: 希望班上有各国学生。

Dear Mr. Robinson,

   Im glad to receive your schools admission offer and I will go to your school in September ______1_______ ( 按时).

    _____2____ (然而), I still have a few questions ______3______( 要问). I wonder ______4_____(是否)there are reception personnel who will meet me       5      (在机场) and what kind of transportation means you     6       (提供).        7       (除了) that I     8    (想要) have a separated living room, with a kitchen. I hope I can be arranged into a class with students      9       (来自) many different countries.

           Im sorry to bother you with so many questions .I will be very glad to receive your early       10        (回复).

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